Ghost story with Airi Mizusawa and Miho Miyazawa outdoors – JapanHDV

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These two men talk about how scared the women are about ghosts. Airi Mizusawa and Miho Miyazawa come into the room and when they hear about the seasonal ghosts tradition they are already afraid. These four people talk about the places where some ghosts were seen, like accidents happened and people died. After so many stories about spirits, Airi, Miho and their partners go on the streets with flashlights in their hands. After a while, these two gals get more and more afraid and they are comforted by their men. One of the women is kissed a lot and she has one of the tits exposed while the other babe is touched on her ass. She has the boobies fondled while her pussy is rubbed in the short pants. After these pants are off, this doll has her shaved pussy rubbed and licked. Meanwhile, the other woman is driven inside by the way her cunt is rubbed over panties. She makes such sexy noises that her partner has a boner. The other babe puts her clothes on and she takes her dude’s cock in her mouth. She sucks it very, very well, making the dude feel so good. The other couple is also caught in offering and getting pleasure. The girl has her pussy licked while the bugs around her. Because these bugs are really annoying and the man gets one in his eyes, these two decide to go come to their room. The other couple joins them on the way back home.