Nozomi Koizumi Gets Used For Honor – JapanHDV

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Honor plays an important role in the Japanese culture, from the top of the monarchic family to the smallest moving companies. The story of how Nozomi Koizumi was used is very exciting and interesting. She is working for a moving company, and by mistake, she broke a very important piece of art when helping her boss move the things of a customer. And because the reputation of the company was on the line, her boss came up with an idea. He offered up Koizumi’s body to the client so that the whole situation will be forgotten. Although Koizumi isn’t so pleased with the idea, she must comply. The boss is holding her down and the client starts exploring her body. He gropes her beautiful titties, fingers her hairy pussy and fucks her with a vibrator until she starts squirting. After that, the client takes out his big cock and starts stretching her pussy in all kinds of positions. It turns out she loves getting used after all. The client completely ravishes her pussy and at the end he just cums inside of her. And then, the disciplined and submissive Koizumi gets back to work, but this time she does her job naked.